Virginia Wood

Artists Statement

Virginia Wood loves the lyrical nature of her work.

Music is very important to me and it influences the way I create. My art is visual music and I build the pieces stroke by stroke the way a song is built note by note. Whether Im working alone or in a busy studio I simply get into a composition and then flow with it.

Wood is also fascinated by the subtle shifts in form within a kaleidoscope and often imitates the effect with her pastels and monoprints.


Virginia Wood generally works with three mediums but always in a cohesive style. On paper she uses oil with chalk pastels and on canvas she uses oil.

Her trademark pastels display a warm, vibrant palette of rich reds, oranges and yellows that are highlighted and contrasted by their chromatic opposites of blue, green and purple. The pastel is of course exploited for its easy blending, producing new tones where the colors meet. She then seals the works with a homemade fixative.

Her monoprints draw upon similar compositions but usually have less vibrant hues. Slight changes in the application of the ink and carefully applied pastels produce subtle, lyrical shifts creating a series of works as opposed to repetitions.

Her canvases have a much thicker application of pigment. The colors are still rich and dynamic but they tend to stand alone, creating independent elements joined more in composition than through blending.


Virginia Wood was born in Columbia, South Carolina and spent her youth absorbed in her love of riding and drawing horses. Her talent did not go unnoticed and when she was still a young girl she was commissioned to paint a portrait of a neighbors horse.

After high school Virginia attended the University of South Carolina where she studied art and was exposed to and admired a number of painters. Richard Diebenkorn and the other great 20th century American masters had particular influence. One encouraging professor was continually praising the art scene in New York City so after graduation the inspired young student moved there. While in New York she attended the Arts Students League. Classes consisted mostly of life drawing and it was for almost everybody a kind of piecemeal attendance punctuated with odd jobs. From New York she moved to San Francisco. It was in the Bay Area of the seventies that Virginia began her career as an artist.

Today Wood resides in Colorado and works out of a group studio project with other artists. She enjoys working around others and finds the creative atmosphere in Boulder to be wonderful. She likes the light and she loves the people.

Music is a constant part of her life. In the past she studied classical guitar but usually prefers to play a personal blend of folk. Enjoying music with her friends and talking about lifes big questions is cherished time. Believing that it is important to pass on shared knowledge she gives the occasional monoprint class.

Although she has shown in galleries over the years Wood prefers to have her work handled by an agent who distributes it to select dealers throughout the world. Today her work can be seen in galleries throughout Canada, Europe and the United States.