Vincent George

Vincent George grew up in Newburgh, New York. From very early childhood, Vincent George expressed himself via strategically placed comical doodles that brought penalty to his brothers’ laughter and also charcoal on grocery store paper bags. The hours spent using these unlikely tools would begin to shape the seasoned artist at an early age. Often bringing a sketchbook on his hikes, it was not long before sketching began to take precedence over the outdoor activity itself; even drawing portraits of athletes as he grew an increasing interest in sports. Attempting the first face at age 8 and perfecting it by age 12, he would later go on to win first place in a Georgia state-wide art contest 3 years in a row starting in 6th grade. Creating works of art became George’s top priority by 17, and it was during this time period that he was able to scrounge up a few art-related projects, including the occasional mural and private portrait commission.

He pursued this passion while continuing education in Film at the Savannah College of Art & Design, then later Communications Design and Illustration at The Pratt Institute. He found himself immediately swept up by his surroundings, exhilarated by the uniqueness of the Brooklyn, New York campus’s landscape. It was here, within the glazed memories of late night/early morning exploring that the artist would later draw his inspiration for his well known City Lights series.

Since his independence in adulthood, Vincent George had spent most of his time delving into the world with new, inquisitive eyes. Within works like “An Enlightening” and “Compromise”, his quest of ‘seeking your own truth’ is evident and presented in a way that compels the viewer to retell known fairy tales in a more thought-provoking light. He has approached the art practice with a renewed concept of what can be used to compose fine work; his most eye-opening artistry involving the use of fire and gunpowder. Torch is his realism-style fine art series done entirely by free-hand blowtorch on wood in a technique coined Pyrography. This innovate style lends contribution to Vincent George’s inspiration of the four elements of earth as well as the artist’s foundation of embracing unity. To this effect, it exudes a message that life may introduce anomalies you’re not accustomed to but they’re just as beautiful in their own unique design. Of this George sites, “The great thing about humanity is that we’re all different but we’re all the same. Find balance when you look at yourself.” His variety of cutting edge techniques offer further dimension of emotion and exposure into the aura of the subject matter. He currently looks to become more active in causes while utilizing his talent, including one of his most ironic and iconic works: his Torch portrait of Smokey the Bear entitled “Only you…”