Vanessa Clarke

Artist Statement

My largest inspirations as an artist are the natural interactions that I experience in everyday life. As I observe the world surrounding me I am stuck by the relations of the lines, angles, and balance of the elements in my environment. I become aware of the harmony inherit in everyday chaos and translate that synchronization into textures and forms. Everyday I am bombarded with inspiration; a conversation, a journey, a moment in time transforms my thoughts into abstract images. My titles hint at the muse of my works but each piece shares its own story, open to interpretation by everyone who sees it.

Painting is a very meditative and tranquil experience. My paintings are created in layers thru collage paper, color and ink. I am a colorist and love to explore the endless possibilities intrinsic to watercolors. My paintings have almost become a language to me, my journal of everyday life. I want people to look at my paintings and arrive at their own understandings. The gastrulae lines in my paintings are intended to create movement and the layered colors add depth.

I am a direct stone carver, moving directly from my thoughts and visualizations to the finished piece. When I sculpt I am very physical and passionate with the stone I am carving. I feel my way through each cut allowing the inherit beauty of the stone to naturally transform. Throughout my assemblage multiple stones come together like the pieces of a puzzle, fusing colors to create a single sculpture. Using different textures allows me to create a temptation of touch. Varieties of my sculptures are playful and consist of separable elements which beg for interaction and encourage observers to use more than just their sense of sight.

It has been a natural progression for me to pursue both my love of painting and my passion for stone carving. Working with such diverse materials has expanded my ability to conceptualize my work. With both painting and sculpture I’m able to create layers, textures, and lines. My sculptures and my paintings cross over and share the same distinct features and organic forms. As a painter I utilize various colors to add depth and emotion to my paintings, as a sculptor I exploit different types of stone to add varying degrees of characterization and intensity to my sculptures. Stone carving and watercolor are unforgiving; a common characteristic which constantly challenges me and drives my creative process.