Paula Watters Jones

Artist’s Statement

I started painting in the Russian Impressionist Tradition when I turned 45…Landscapes, and etc. finally gave way to a subject that I knew intimately – Cows – having spent time on my grandparents farm as a child, and then later raising them.

But, the pull to follow my intuition finally led me to paint abstracts – and then abstracted figures…

One thing has led to another – which most things do –  finally culminating in my current style.

I love layering paintings, frequently taking older paintings and adding to them, conversing with the paint and the canvas after meditation time, allowing that which is asking to come through to do so. They unfold and develop intuitively.  Sometimes I start with an intention, or sometimes I just allow and know that this process works best for me.

I paint a layer, and then glaze – layer after layer – allowing the layers to build upon themselves creating the depth and richness in the paintings that I love. I find that even the “mistakes” frequently become an intrinsic part of the painting, and I instinctively know that this is much as our lives are.

Our “mistakes” or learning experiences as I prefer to call them, are layered with time and other experiences, creating the fine masterpieces that we are today.

I used to demand that every painting be a Mona Lisa, and I realized that NOT KNOWING what the outcome is, or will be, is a part of my process, not only when I paint, but also in my life.  KNOWING, that it will be okay, if I just follow my intuition, rather than trying to fit everything into a neat little package.

It has changed how I feel about everything now….My “I’ll never be an artist” moments are rare now…oh yes, they still happen, but not nearly as frequently, and if I just step back, take a moment, and breathe, I know everything will turn out exactly as it should.

My story of believing in myself, the courage that it has taken and following my intuition about what I knew…what I know…I hope, will give others permission to also do so.