Downe Burns

The paintings of Texas native Downe Burns reflect not only his immense talent, but also his passion for painting. He says, “I love to paint, I love mixing the colors and seeing the end result on the canvas or paper. I like signing my name to a painting and being happy with the way I have interpreted the world around me”.

Largely a self-taught artist, Burns studied Business and Art History at Texas Tech University for a brief time before leaving to paint on a regular basis.

In the early 80’s, Downe move to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he became enchanted by the natural surroundings of the area. His incorporation of the indigenous “Saguaro Cacti” in many of his earlier pieces made his unique meld of unusual composition and use of color unforgettable. His desire to create paintings that are moving and pleasant to view keep him away from the darker moods of the environment. Downe Burns wants his imagery to strike a positive feeling in the eye of the beholder!
Over the past few years, Downe’s paintings have expanded beyond the landscape, now including floral and abstract pieces, each unique unto itself.

Currently, Downe resides in Lubbock, Texas, with his wife and three children.  Spending many hours in the studio, Downe has been creating a new series of paintings over the past few years titled, “Old Ways” and “Live to Be Still”.