Alan Chandler

Working on paper with acrylic paint, Alan Chandler’s sensational landscapes stir the memories of his viewers. His abstracted works convey a sense of atmosphere, climate and mood instead of specific regional characteristics. A sense of dynamism is created through his unique brushwork: he juxtaposes impressionistic skies with smooth, abstracted planes of land. The inherent color changes in the land that result from cloud movements are shown through Chandler’s sharp color contrasts. The most remarkable aspect of his work is the broad range of seemingly familiar environments he creates. In a work, one may find overcast foreboding grey-blue skies and in another, one may find seemingly heat-filled red earth.

Alan has received numerous awards for his work. He studied at University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada specializing in Fine Art. He has taught painting in the past and at present dedicates himself to his art on a full-time basis.